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What Newbies Need to Know about Creating Great Landing Pages

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What Newbies Need to Know about Creating Great Landing Pages

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Great landing pages can be the difference between a reasonably successful site and an incredibly successful site.

If you have business and are reading this, you most likely have a website. And needless to say you most likely also have a specific goal and a landing page that’s tailored to encouraging the user to complete this goal. Providing a quality experience in the form of a great landing page can make a significant difference to a site’s success.

Why use a Landing Page?

Commonly, inexperienced people direct all their traffic to their home page – not ideal as the onus is not to channel the user to complete the desired task. Landing pages provide a conversion orientated page with a targeted message that matches the searcher’s end need. Of course, there are certain things that a landing page requires to ensure success and we’re going to walk you right through these necessities.

Before your Create a Landing Page

Decide on a Goal

You need to decide on the goal or conversion for your landing page first and foremost. What is the ideal action you want your customer to take? Determine the goals.


The next thing you need to do is take a closer look at your competitors and see what they’re doing and how they go about encouraging people to convert. Many of them will be have spent time working on their landing pages and testing and often their pages will work very well – so take note of their pages.


One piece of advice Prototype Interactive, who are web designers in UAE suggest, is to get to understand your audience and the sorts of things they want, like and the sort of people they are. This makes it easier for you to write persuasive copy – one of the most important factors in landing page conversions.

Creating the Landing Page

Now you’ve completed your pre-landing page questions you can start creating great landing pages. Great landing pages have similar attributes – they are:

  • Short and uncluttered with information
  • Provide high quality content that is trustable
  • They funnel visitors towards one pathway or point of conversion
  • The conversion or submission should be clear to see
  • The call to action should be clear and should showcase the exact steps necessary
  • Use an eye-catching headline to get people’s interest and explain the use and benefit of the conversion in the sub heading.
  • Copy is of high quality and explains to the person why they ‘need’ the product. It offers the visitor something of interest and use.
  • Showcase and offer the visitor won’t get elsewhere and make the conversion desirable
  • Users receive most of the information they require in the first 6 seconds of glancing at a piece – they’re scannable.
  • Imagery and video are at home on these landing pages and provide the visitors with positive, visual clues
  • They appear attractive and look classy, thereby creating trust
  • They’re easily shareable
  • Take the minimal amount of information required from a person to achieve the conversion
  • They use colours in a psychological way to create certain emotions around the page
  • Include testimonials about the product or the conversion – many use social media excerpts as testimonials nowadays
  • They work well on mobile and are responsive
  • Quick load timesto reduce people clicking off the page – they also have SEO benefits
  • Are constantly being A/B tested to ensure that they are the very best they can be. This is very important as otherwise you are not making the most of the visitors coming onto your site
  • They are tracked in Google Analytics to ensure they are performing and money spent on them is validated.

There is no one correct formula for a landing page and you need to understand what works for one business, may not work for another. However, by following the aforementioned bullet pointed basics, you can ensure that your business is doing as much as it can to make the very most of your landing pages and encourage success.

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