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What is the Next, Next Big Thing?

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What is the Next, Next Big Thing?

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Many people wonder what the "next big thing" will be in technology, but Alasdair Allan, a published technology author and consultant, thinks that people need to start thinking about the next, next big thing. According to Allan, the last "big thing" was the web and web applications.  Many people thing the 'next big thing' is mobile and cloud computing, but Allan says those trends are nearly at a peak.  He believes the real "next big thing" is "Big Data". This job board at February's Strata conference shows you how big the demand is for people with data science knowledge.  

"The overflowing job board at February's Strata conference." - O'Reilly Radar

So, if "Big Data" is the "next big thing", then what is the " next, next big thing"?

Allan predicts that the "thirst for data" will drive the demand for the next, next big thing: ubiquitous computing, where computing is integrated thoroughly into everyday objects and activities. According to Allan, "yesterday's hot job was a developer, today with the arrival of big data it has become the mathematician. Tomorrow it could well be a hardware hacker."  Allan's full blog post can be seen over at the O'Reilly Radar.

Do you think that big data and ubiquitous computing are the next big thing, or is it something else? Do you think that the developer is no longer a "hot job"?

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