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What is NoOps?

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Make DevOps and NoOps a cornerstone of improving your software delivery; just don’t think NoOps PaaS entirely defines ‘What is a True, Complete PaaS’.  The DevOps and NoOps movements promote quick project startup, rapid release iterations, and incremental solution testing. Lucas Carlson and Adron Hall posted a good article describing how integrating development environments with runtime containers will accelerate iterative development tasks.  As teams incorporate provisioning and automation practices into the application platform, interest in NoOps and DevOps has grown.

The DevOps movement creates a collaborative environment bridging development and operation team members. DevOps enables team members to jointly design, build, and deploy business application and service solutions. The environment closes the gap between business requirements, policies, available run-time resources, and solution development. PaaS offerings often support DevOp practices, which include self-service, automated provisioning, continuous integration, and continuous delivery. As Dan Juengst describes in his ‘What is Platform as a Service’ blog posting, “At a high-level, a PaaS helps organizations, specifically developers, realize the benefits of cloud computing by providing a fast and scalable way to host applications in the cloud.”

While NoOps provides a needed focus on reducing iteration time and removing provisioning impediments, the current NoOps and mainstream vendor PaaS story has significant limitations:

  1. Minimal in-band automated governance
  2. Does not address how a PaaS improves run-time application behavior
  3. Fails to evolve platform abstraction

Make DevOps and NoOps a cornerstone of improving your software delivery; just don’t think NoOps PaaS entirely defines ‘What is True, Complete PaaS’.   A comprehensive PaaS evaluation framework will help you develop an adoption roadmap.

What PaaS goals do you have beyond increasing your DevOps or NoOps competency and accelerating environment delivery?

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