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What Security Functions Should You Outsource Now?

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What Security Functions Should You Outsource Now?

Looking to implement better security compliance, but unable to hire an in-house team? This article goes over the benefits of out sourcing your InfoSec efforts.

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As technology advances and cybersecurity threats increase, businesses are ever eager to hire information security professionals who can help protect their data and company assets. Professionals with these coveted skills are in high demand, with a job outlook that is expected to grow 18 percent by 2024. Some sources estimate that there are roughly 200,000 unfilled cybersecurity jobs in the United States, and an approximate one million open positions worldwide. Some experts predict that by 2019 there could possibly be 1.5 million vacant information security positions. This anticipated increase in the growing cybersecurity job market availability is higher than the national average for all other occupations.

Cybersecurity professionals are responsible for developing and conducting the appropriate safety measures that will ultimately protect an organization’s computer systems and networks. Having access to the best talent is necessary for businesses and other institutions to keep up with and surpass the efforts of the ever adapting cyberthreats and hackers. However, with this common perception that there are not enough qualified individuals in the industry combined with the ever-rising cybersecurity threats and challenges, it can be tough for businesses to know when they should outsource these tasks or invest in an in-house solution. There are several benefits when it comes to outsourcing information security, some of which include cost savings as well as access to higher levels of expertise. This article will address the top five cybersecurity measures that businesses should outsource.

Security Monitoring Services

One of the most fundamental services within information security is monitoring your systems. Establishing your own security operations center to manage comprehensive monitoring and alerting services can require a lot of cash and bandwidth to run as an in-house operation. Choosing to outsource this service is normal among businesses and a common service provided by managed security services providers (MSSP). Fortunately, there is an MSSP for any size business and budget, so even smaller companies can choose to outsource their security monitoring services.

Responding to Security Threats

After establishing your security monitoring system, it’s important to decide how you will respond to possible security threats. It is useful to outsource this particular service to a firm who specializes in security threats, making your business’s response to an incident more organized and beneficial.

Network Penetration Testing

Whether internal or external, network penetration testing is a best practice security measure that all businesses should adhere to. In most cases, it tends to be a compliance framework and customer contractual agreement requirement. One particular plus for outsourcing security testings is the added benefit of an objective outsider running the tests. Using an external party to run network penetration testing is often a requirement for contractional and compliance agreements as well.

Third-Party Assessments

Similar to the network penetration testing, several common compliance and contractual requirements often include using a third-party assessment. Outsourcing third-party assessments can be a great way to provide your security teams with more time to do important things and daily tasks.

Training Services

As technology changes, it’s important that businesses keep their employees up to date, especially their information security individuals. In order to make the most of training your employees, outsourcing to other organizations for training purposes can keep your employees in the know and expose them to new ways of thinking about and approaching problems. When looking for training services for your employees, it’s important to consider seeking the help of specialized individuals.

As data breaches become more and more common, they also become more complex and expensive. The average cost of a security breach has increased by 29% over the past few years. Being adequately prepared for security threats and hacks is important for both institutions and businesses. Similar to investing in commercial video surveillance systems for your businesses, organizations need to invest in outsourcing certain security services. The decision to outsource various security measures and services can seem daunting, however, choosing to outsource doesn’t have to be a permanent decision. While not every cybersecurity service needs to be outsourced, businesses who choose to outsource their security monitoring systems, responses to security threats, network penetration testing, third-party assessments, and training services can save expenses on hiring new staff, purchasing more bandwidth, and ultimately the lost money in instances of a security breach.

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