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What to See at JavaOne 2008?

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What to See at JavaOne 2008?

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JavaOne is a week away. Time to come up with a set of recommendations for "must see" talks on specific tools and technologies that will be presented there. Around the web, various knowledgeable people in specific fields have announced their recommended sessions and hot tips for JavaOne. Let's gather them in one place, here. Below are some to get started with, should you have more to add, put them in the comments to this article.

The point here, though, is to have a list of groupings (along the lines of specific tools or technologies), rather than individual recommendations, so that those interested in a particular grouping (which might cut through all the many different tracks, sessions, hands on labs, and BOFs) will have a list of topics that they can choose from.

So, here are some preliminary lists, to get started:

  • Top 10 Desktop Sessions at JavaOne 2008

    In John O'Connor's blog, you'll find Top 10 Desktop Sessions at JavaOne 2008, which, in summary, consist of the following:

    • Desktop Track Overview & New Features in the upcoming Java 6u10 Platform, Session TS-6649
    • Using JavaFX Script To Build Swing Applications, TS-6609
    • Deep Inside JSR 296, the Swing Application Framework, TS-6605
    • Extending Swing: Creating Your Own Components, TS-4982
    • Nimbus: The New Face of Swing, Session ID TS-6096
    • Extreme GUI Makeover: In the Real World, TS-6656
    • Distributed Client-Server Persistence with the Java Persistence API, TS-5969
    • Designing Graphical Model-Driven Applications: Lego MindStorm, TS-6298
    • The NetBeans Platform Compared to the Eclipse Rich Client Platform, TS-4895
    • Beans Binding: Good for the Heart, TS-6657

  • Java EE 6 at JavaOne

    Roberto Chinnici's blog tells you all about Java EE 6 at JavaOne, highlighting the following:

    • TS-5343 EJB 3.1 (Tuesday, 12:10pm)
    • TS-5509 JPA 2.0 (Wednesday, 1:30pm)
    • TS-5415 Servlet 3.0 (Thursday, 10:50am)
    • TS-5425 JAX-RS 1.0 (Tuesday, 12:10pm)
    • TS-5979 JSF 2.0 (Thursday, 2:50pm)
    • TS-5286 WebBeans 1.0 (Wednesday 10:50am)
    • BOF-5624 Connector Architecture 1.6
    • BOF-5039 JDBC 4.1
    • BOF-5753 EJB 3.1

  • NetBeans Platform at JavaOne

    The NetBeans Platform Homepage informs of a set of related activities at JavaOne that interested parties might like to know about:

    • Tuesday 13.00-13.30: Book Signing for "Rich Client Programming: Plugging into the NetBeans Platform"
    • Tuesday 20.30-21.20: Developing and Supporting a Plug-in for Eclipse, the NetBeans IDE, and IDEA (BOF-5193)
    • Wednesday 18.30-19.20: Toward a Consumer IDE: Get What You Want When You Want It (BOF 5091)
    • Thursday 09.30-10.30: The NetBeans Platform Compared to the Eclipse RCP (TS-4895)
    • Thursday 10.50-11.50: Creating Better Applications at Boeing with the NetBeans Platform Application Framework (TS-5541)
    • Thursday 16.10-17.10: blueMarine: Or Why You Should Really Ship Swing Applications (TS-5483)
    • Thursday 18.30-19.20: NetBeans Platform vs. Eclipse RCP (BOF 4896)

Any other lists such as the above out there? Groovy? Ruby? Scala? Some specific framework, for example? Or a specific domain, such as music (the JFugue API is back again, in at least two sessions that I know of). Semantic web? Mobile devices? Java Card API? Would be good to know.

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