Making OSGi Easier: SpringSource Enterprise Bundle Repository

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Making OSGi Easier: SpringSource Enterprise Bundle Repository

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SpringSource have just released the Enterprise Bundle Repository for OSGi, an ambitious collection of OSGi ready bundles of some of the most popular libraries around. Who better to find out more from than Rod Johnson. This initiative from SpringSource could provide the boost that OSGi needs to become more widespread in the industry.

You can see the entire repository at http://www.springsource.com/repository/app/. With over 400 libraries included, you can be pretty sure that what you need is there. I am sure that this will become one of the most widely used references for OSGi developers, especially those working on Eclipse plugin development.

James Sugrue: This is a great backing for OSGi from SpringSource. What are your main
reasons for such belief in OSGi?

Rod Johnson: We believe that OSGi is a big part of the future of enterprise Java. The problems that OSGi-based technology can solve, such as modularizing both servers and applications, allowing safe hot code replace, effective library versioning and reducing memory footprint, are central challenges of today’s IT environment. This makes the OSGi Alliance a very important standards body, hence our deep commitment and significant contribution to it.

Sugrue: What are the main OSGI-ready bundles included?

Johnson: There are over 400 bundles in the EBR. The most important bundles are Spring Framework, Spring WebFlow, Spring Dynamic Modules, Apache Tomcat, Apache MyFaces, Apache Commons, EclipseLink and Hibernate.

Sugrue: Without using the repository, is there any other way of having these bundles in an OSGi-ready format?

Johnson: Projects can create their own OSGi-ready bundles but so far this hasn't proven to be successful. Many projects are not testing in OSGi so the quality of the bundles isn't as good as those in EBR. The EBR governance model means that users can rely on getting bundles of a high quality.

As a Java developer, will you be taking advantage of this latest SpringSource initiative?


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