What to Expect at Jenkins World 2017

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What to Expect at Jenkins World 2017

Planning to attend Jenkins World next month? Read on for a list of sessions you can't miss, plus a special discount code for 20% off your registration fee.

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Jenkins World is happening August 28-31 in San Francisco. Jenkins World is the largest gathering of Jenkins users in the world, and the Jenkins community is gearing up for the big event!

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Getting ready for the show or considering attending? Here’s what you can expect this year. 

Sessions and Speakers

Keynotes will be delivered by three industry experts: Sacha Labourey, CEO at CloudBees; Kohsuke Kawaguchi, CTO at CloudBees and Jenkins creator; and Jez Humble, CTO at DevOps Research and Assessment LLC and co-author of Continuous Delivery. They will each highlight a different aspect of the DevOps transformation that is occurring throughout the IT industry this year, as well as how pervasive both the Jenkins community and CloudBees are in enabling the DevOps transformation.

At the main conference, there will be 60+ sessions covering a variety of Continuous Delivery and DevOps topics. Sessions range from discussions amongst industry experts such as the DevOps Leadership Panel, to sessions about specific technologies, such as Azure DevOps Open Source Integrations, to a deep dive into an individual company’s DevOps journey, such as Express Script’s path to DevOps. There will be speakers from many different industries including folks from SAP, Capital One, PayPal, Microsoft, Rosetta Stone, and Care.com. This diversity of topics and companies represented will provide Jenkins World attendees with knowledge about how DevOps and CD are being used across different industries.

Training, Workshops, and Jenkins Certification

The first two days of the conference week (August 28 – 29) will consist of a number of training and workshop sessions. Jenkins Certification Training will prepare attendees for the Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE) or Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer (CCJE) exam. Other trainings include DevOps Leader Certification Training, DevOps Test Engineering Certification Training, and Managing Jenkins with CloudBees Jenkins Team Training.

There are a number of workshops covering wide-ranging topics such as pipeline automation, plugin development, the fundamentals of Jenkins Pipeline and Docker, load testing, the new Blue Ocean UX for Jenkins, and more. Developers will have the chance to tackle hands-on projects and further hone their DevOps and Jenkins skills.

Inaugural Jenkins World Awards

The first annual Jenkins World Award Program is kicking off this year! There are two award tracks – Jenkins Community Awards and CloudBees Innovation Awards. Winners in each track will be featured at Jenkins World. Categories include:

Jenkins Community Awards Categories:

  • Most Valuable Contributor
  • Jenkins Security MVP
  • Most Valuable Advocate

CloudBees Innovation Award Categories:

  • DevOps Automation Excellence Award
  • DevOps Scalability Achievement Award

Are you ready for this year’s show? Then register, plan your schedule, and we’ll see you on August 28 in San Francisco!

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