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What to Expect from Jenkins User Conference West 2015

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What to Expect from Jenkins User Conference West 2015

A preview of the cool things to expect from keynote speakers, panels, and presentations at Jenkins User Conference 2015

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You’re probably all familiar with Jenkins, the open source CI build and test tool, and CloudBees, who provides an enterprise-ready version. We’ve covered Jenkins pretty extensively on DZone, with our Refcard on the subject and our Guide to Continuous Delivery.

This September, CloudBees will be hosting the Jenkins User Conference in Santa Clara. We’re very excited to attend and wanted to share a few reasons why:

  1. Kohsuke Kawaguchi will be delivering a keynote and talking about Jenkins with Docker. I imagine Kubernetes will come up in the latter discussion, too.
  2. Gene Kim will also be there! He’s best known as the author of the Phoenix Project, and will be delivering a keynote address as well.
  3. Learn how Jenkins integrates with other tools like Cloud Foundry, and how to develop your own Jenkins plugins.
  4. It’s now two conferences in one! CD Summit will run concurrently with JUC West. CD Summit will be an opportunity to learn more about the business and management side of DevOps. It’s a great way for developers to learn more about how managers and business people think about DevOps.
  5. I personally love real-world examples, so I’m excited to learn how Jenkins and CD/CI best practices are implemented at a variety of major companies. There are plenty of sessions and case studies on the subject.
  6. Don’t you want to go somewhere where past conferences have included a band called the Butlers? Maybe you’ll be able to get some of their shirts.
  7. The Jenkins butler will be there in person! Unfortunately, it’s my understanding that his job is not to top off your champagne.

If this sounds like a worthwhile experience to you (and it should) you can register here.

Plus, I’ll be there! I’ll be the tall guy with a beard and DZone shirt. Ask me anything about the site or our plans for the future, and I’ll happily hand out some swag!

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