What Type of Coder Are You?

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What Type of Coder Are You?

In his humorous take on office dynamics, Pavan Belagatti examines the typical personality types he encounters while working with coders and developers.

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Coders are highly creative folks, and the interesting thing about my job is I always get to work with them asking them a lot of questions: how, why, when, etc.

I always get interesting answers and after working around the creative bunch of coders at Shippable for 6 months, I have come up with a few broad categories that developers and coders tend to belong to. But, before we get to these broad categories, let's review some of the traits of coders:

  • Analytical Mindset

  • Curiosity and Inquisitiveness

  • Empathy

  • Flexibility

  • Love of Learning

  • Pragmatism

  • Team Player

  • Technical Mindset

Now, let's see what those broad categories of coders are:

1. The Perfectionist - Comes on time, does his stuff, leaves on time. Fixes a whole bunch of issues and is never late on deadlines.

2. The Street Smart Freak - Copy pastes a lot of things from the internet, and although they don't know the principles behind everything they somehow get things to work as expected.

3. The Theoretical Dude - Knows a load of theory about computer science and coding, but not that great at coding. Gets into an argument with any who disagrees with him on theoretical aspects.

4. The Sloppy Fellow - Knows the problem, knows how to fix it, but ends up blowing things up because of some lack of concentration.

5. The Code Police - A review nazi, difficult to get a PR approved, catches all the bugs but lets the others fix the bugs, and argues about code indentation.

6. Wildcard or Eureka Guy - They keep trying new stuff; a kind of growth hacker.

Recently, I added a poll on HashNode asking coders where they belong in these categories (unfortunately, I could add only 4 categories there) and it was the top trending post on HashNode that day. Around 100 coders and developers participated in the poll and the results were just amazing.

Image title

Interestingly, I found many consider themselves Street Smart Freaks. 

OK, now that I have come up with these categories, it's going to be a bonus point for all the coders out there to look at themselves and know where they belong, and improve their rank in the leaderboard within the category they belong to. 

Let me know what type of coder are you.

Happy coding!

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