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What Web Developers Should Know About SEO When Designing the Website

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What Web Developers Should Know About SEO When Designing the Website

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To be referred to as an expert web developer, you should not only have a good grasp of web design programming languages and skills, but you should also have an in-depth understanding of SEO. It is only by understanding SEO that you will be able to guarantee your web design clients about making them successful and business driving websites.

Most web developers in the UK only make websites. To them, a good website is one that looks very attractive with different colors, fonts and photos; a shiny website. Unfortunately, this is not enough; most of these kinds of websites offer very little value to the web visitor as much as they look attractive.

They also compromise a lot in terms of having a clean code that search engine robots can be able to navigate around easily. This is why they never get ranked and exposed to the target market. It is no wonder then that a majority of website owners do not put a lot of value in having a website for their business. After all, their colleagues in the business world who have websites have nothing much to say about the importance of these very costly business tools.

To distinguish yourself as a professional web developer, you should therefore offer more than just a website to your clients; what you offer them should be a new income stream that also improves their business bottom line. Simply put, you should learn to create search engine optimized websites.

What to Look Out For To Effect SEO in Your Web Design Gigs

In order to develop search engine optimized websites for your clients, you should start by laying down a good strategy that incorporates SEO UK and best web design practices. This should also take in to account the modern technological trends. Below are some hints to help you out.

1.  Responsive Website

When developing a website, make sure that it is mobile responsive such that it can be viewed across multiple devices. Most people nowadays visit websites from hand held devices like tablets, smart phones, and laptops, with a few still using desktops. Make sure your site can be viewed in good order on all these platforms.

2.  Proper Labeling

You should also ensure that all your website content is well ‘labeled’ with the right meta tags, keywords, alt tags and descriptions. This helps both the search engine robots and the human visitor to understand your website content easier.

3.  Great Look and Feel

Again, have a clean website right from the building blocks, the code. The website should reflect the brand of the client with an easy navigation process so that people can quickly access the information they require.

4.  Linking and Sitemap

Ensure that all the pages you develop for your client’s website are well linked to each other using in-links and page links. This eases the navigation within the site even further. At the same time, have a sitemap in place to make it even easier for the robots to index the site.


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