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What’s Bringing Down Your Mobile App?

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What’s Bringing Down Your Mobile App?

Building software that handles real world interruptions is hard, and app development is the toughest of all. Here are the conditions that you need to watch for. Read it, print it and post it up on your office wall.

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When testing your mobile apps, the "happy path" is not good enough. By "happy path" we mean testing in a clean room with strong Wi-Fi, full battery and RAM, and other ideal conditions. These tests will confirm that your app works, but is it ready for the rough-and-tumble real world where consumers expect their user experience to be flawless? Not a chance.

The infographic below lists the most common real world user conditions that can cause a mobile app to slow down, freeze or crash. We also include best practices for testing your app against these disruptors so they don't bring down your app at the moment your customers need it most.

Real world user experiencePerfecto has included a real user condition testing capability called Wind Tunnel™ on top of its existing cloud-based Continuous Quality Lab. Wind Tunnel™ offers a set of default personas -- for instance, The Corporate Road Warrior, The Gamer, The Stay-at-Home Mom -- that assist in defining what real user conditions need to be emulated during testing. The objective with Wind Tunnel™ is to align your testing methods to the actual users for whom you've created the app.

For a deeper dive into how Wind Tunnel™ works, including instructions and code samples, see our Complete Wind Tunnel Guide.

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