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What's to Come in Oracle Big Data SQL

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What's to Come in Oracle Big Data SQL

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We heard some interesting news regarding SQL and Big Data earlier this month, and now there's more: Oracle Big Data SQL. Even if that incredibly creative name doesn't do it for you, it looks like it should be useful as a way to connect the various Big Data technologies you might be working with. In other words, Oracle addresses competition from NoSQL vendors by building Oracle on top of Oracle NoSQL. Pretty interesting, no matter what the case. 

According to Oracle's announcement, here are the benefits:

Breaking down data silos to simplify information access and discovery, the offering allows customers to run one SQL query across Hadoop, NoSQL, and Oracle Database, minimizing data movement while increasing performance and virtually eliminating data silos. Oracle Big Data SQL enables customers to gain a competitive advantage by making it easier to uncover insights faster, while protecting data security and enforcing governance. Furthermore, this approach enables organizations to leverage existing SQL investments in both people skills and applications.

And it goes into more thorough, bulleted information after that, if you're looking for more.

There are some aspects that may not be immediately apparent, though. According to Doug Henschen at Information Week, there are five key points to be aware of, some positive and some negative. For example:

  • Oracle Big Data SQL is currently stuck with Oracle NoSQL - no non-Oracle NoSQL yet
  • Oracle Big Data SQL is not SQL-on-Hadoop - it's more like a way to sync different tools and use them simultaneously
  • DBAs can control security centrally through Oracle Big Data SQL. DBAs in NoSQL, what?

Check out Oracle's full announcement for all the details and see if you might be able to put all your Big Data access in one place.


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