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What's Cooking in M4?

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3.5 M4 will be out soon. There are numerous bugs & enhancements that got fixed in this build. Here are my favourites:

Customize perspective dialog:

The customize perspective dialog was there earlier, but it allowed the user only to customize Shortcuts and Commands. Now you can customize toolbar and menu as well:


Help icon:

If you have not noticed the difference in the above dialog, its good. Because the bigger icon that was added to M3 help_24x24_M3 was too bright and pulled your attraction, which it shouldn't. So the new icon help_24x24_M4 is now a little lighter in colour. Somehow I feel that the old 16x16 icon was better :-)


Java Action sets in all perspectives:

If you are editing a Java file, you can access your favourite actions (Open Type etc) in a non-java perspective as well (CVS, Resource)

Dead Code identification:

After all the optimizations you did and the refactorings your replacement guy did, the code might have been left with lot of dead code. JDT helps you find them easily and remove them with this option:



Editor for the .options file:

Well, not really. But it opens with the properties file editor, which is more than sufficient that the plain old text editor


There's lot more, keep looking for the New and Noteworthy page when M4 is announced...


From http://blog.eclipse-tips.com



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