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What's New in WebSphere CloudBurst 1.1?

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What's New in WebSphere CloudBurst 1.1?

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If you are a user or are otherwise familiar with WebSphere CloudBurst 1.0, you know that it is an appliance offering that is focused on providing you with the capability to create, deploy, and manage application environments in a private cloud. The appliance is preloaded with a new version of the WebSphere Application Server called WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition. You use this virtual image packaging of the WebSphere Application Server to create complete representations of your WebSphere application environment.

These representations are called WebSphere CloudBurst patterns and they include your WebSphere Application Server topology as well as custom configuration such as user applications. Once you have created your patterns, you can use the appliance to deploy them into the private cloud you have defined, maintain the running WebSphere Application Server environments created from deployment, and then retire those environments when necessary.

The newest version of WebSphere CloudBurst, version 1.1, introduces several new capabilities that enhance WebSphere CloudBurst’s capabilities within the create/deploy/manage lifecycle. In particular, the new capabilities we will take a look at in this article include:

1) Support for the PowerVM platform
2) New DB2 Enterprise 9.7 virtual image
3) Integration with VMware vCenter (or VMware Virtual Center)
4) Enhanced customization and management capabilities for application environments
5) New resource sharing techniques
6) New security controls
7) New LDAP integration capabilities

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