What's Next for DZone Trend Reports? 2020 and Beyond!

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What's Next for DZone Trend Reports? 2020 and Beyond!

Interested in writing for one (or more) of our Trend Reports? Check out our schedule for the rest of the year and get to writing!

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Looking for something to do while quarantining? Look no further than DZone Trend Reports! Whether to brush up on the latest trends in software or searching for your next writing project, we've got some great topics in store for the rest of the year. Check them out below!

What Are Trend Reports?

DZone Trend Reports are state-of-the-art research publications covering a wide range of popular tech topics, like Kubernetes, data warehousing, and more. By leveraging the power of the DZone audience to project development trends, these reports are designed to help developers plan for the next 12-18 months by identifying emerging trends and solutions.

Within each report, readers will find original research, interviews with industry experts, and additional resources with helpful tips, best practices, and more.

To learn more about DZone Trend Reports, check out our latest report: "The Database Evolution: SQL vs. NoSQL in the Age of Big Data"

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What's on the Horizon for Trend Reports?

Below are the upcoming Trend Report release dates through the end of 2020:

Trend Report
Zone  Publication Date
Data Warehousing Big Data September 30, 2020
API Management Integration October 28, 2020
Kubernetes in the Enterprise Cloud November 18, 2020
Edge Computing IoT December 9, 2020

In the coming weeks, the DZone team will be working diligently to determine Trend Report topics for 2021. Please share with us the Trend Reports you'd like to see in 2021 by emailing publications@dzone.com.


Why Write for a Trend Report?

For the money, of course! Each contributor will be compensated for their time, research, and expertise. At DZone, we take great pride in our community of talented writers and software experts, so we want to make sure that appreciation is shown to all Trend Report contributors.

Plus, our Trend Reports are downloaded by hundreds of thousands of software professionals, including CEOs and VPs of major tech companies. This makes Trend Reports a great opportunity for personal career development and thought leadership. 

Are There Any Article Requirements?

Typically, Trend Report articles consist of around 1,000 to 1,300 words, with images counting as 100 words per. Authors are also encouraged to include 3-5 relevant diagrams, graphics, and/or tables in addition to an author bio, headshot, and high-res image files.

These articles will focus on specific aspects and topics within our key research findings to help elaborate and define how developing trends can best be applied to developers and existing software philosophies.

How Do I Get Started? 

If you'd like to write for one of our upcoming Trend Reports, please reach out to publications@dzone.com and share your ideas with us! Be sure to include your Trend Report of interest, desired topic(s), relevant technical experience, and a writing sample if you have one. 

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