What’s Up With the Mobile App Developer Community?

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What’s Up With the Mobile App Developer Community?

Wondering about the state of the mobile app dev community? There aren't enough developers, and those that exist are inexperienced.

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The mobility craze has inspired digital marketers to conceptualize experiences on a variety of mobile devices, but without developers, a mobile app's concept is worth the paper it's written on. This means that developers, quality assurance testers and their talents are incredibly valuable. Therefore it is important for marketers and business leaders to understand the mobile app developer community
Let's take a look at the current state of the mobile developer environment. 

There are Not Enough Developers
In the past decade, mobile apps skyrocketed in popularity, changing app stores from mobile gaming repositories to libraries of tools that connect businesses and consumers. However, during this surge in mobile app usage, colleges and universities still taught students traditional software development techniques. A few years later, every organization, from enterprises to consumers, demands a mobile app, and as a result, the demand for skilled mobile app developers has exceeded the number of these professionals in the world.

"The demand for mobile apps will be five times that of development capacity in 2017."

According to Gartner principal research analyst Adrian Leow, the demand for mobile apps will be five times that of development capacity in 2017. In other words, there are not enough mobile apps developers, and soon this gap will expand even further. Loew recommended that businesses find tools and techniques that allow them to meet 2017's mobile development needs, and in that regard, performance testing and monitoring of apps will be critical. 

Most Developers Are Inexperienced

There is no denying the immaturity of the mobile app market. After all, at only around a decade old, there is a lot of room for growth. However, the downside of this is that most mobile app developers are fresh meat - proverbially speaking. MobileDevs

Progress's "State of Mobility Survey 2015" noted that 57% of developers are "brand new" to the mobile sector or have never developed an app before. With two-thirds of programmers lacking experience, businesses must accept that their app needs extensive testing. It's OK to make mistakes, but a product cannot launch buggy, and whether inexperienced or not, developers can learn from their wrongs with cloud-based testing solutions. 

The Average Developer Wants to Please Users

Businesses have demands, timelines and quotas to meet, but developers still want to deliver great products. Progress found that 44% of 3,000 IT professionals cite user experience as the most important aspect of their mobile apps. Organizations with the best mobile apps side with developers in this regard. This means performing mobile app testing and ensuring continuous quality, as high-quality apps and a flawless user experience are sure to keep users coming back. 

Developers Like the Internet of Things

Whether it's Internet-connected toasters or factories run by robots, the Internet of Things is a popular tech trend, and mobile app developers are hopping on this bandwagon. According to Vision Mobile, 53% of developers are already creating solutions for the IoT market - a stat that indicates there are 4 million of these individuals. Businesses can harness this excitement and work on some mobile apps that connect to a wide variety of smart devices, lighting systems and automobiles. Of course, this introduces a whole extra layer of mobile app testing, but the benefits will be well worth it. 

If mobile apps are the vehicle for brand interactions, mobile app developers are the fuel that power them. With some insight into what these developers and QA testers think, businesses can better align goals.

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