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Where has all the quality content gone?

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Where has all the quality content gone?

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Content. It's everywhere. We read it, listen to it, watch it. Of that there is no doubt, but for our purposes, we refer to the hardest content to create on the planet - the written word. You see, everything is written. Songs. Articles, blog posts, podcasts, and even high end video. It all starts with the written word.

We have a question for you: Why is it that those who create content aren't betting more press, more posts, more action? Why is that do you think? Is it because creating content is really a tough, time consuming, intellectual endeavor? Is it because no one wants to elevate those people because that way they can't get more money?


Speaking of money, we've seen (with our own eyes) content being bid at three-quarters of a cent per word. Yeah, 3/4 cent per word. Try making a buck at that rate. You won't. Neither will anyone else, unless you're off in a village in Asia. Let's think. Content. Money. Low wages. Hmmm, is there a pattern here?

In the race to the bottom of the barrel content has become something that people don't want to pay for. After all, anyone can write. Can't they?

Webmasters and the Content Trap

Webmasters like nothing better than quoting the lowest price on a project they can that give them their required margin. no surprise there. In that they are no different than anyone else inbusiness. So what do they do? They tell the client that he, or she, can save money by writing the content for their Website. Cool! Thinks the client, I'll write about my business and save money too. The Webmaster loves it becausehem or she, gets the content free of charge. What's better than that.

And the Problem Is

The client is not a writer. The client gets busy and does not write the content because the client does not make money writing content. When the Webmaster has designed the site, done the graphics, gotten the hosting and is ready for content - it's not there. Why? the client says, "I got busy. Have it for you next week." Next week? Same thing. No content.

So, what was easy, really is not easy at all. Now the client has no Website and the Webmaster has uncollected fees.

Content Curation

This is using your content and other peoples content. It's fancied up in that it is said to be researched so that the content you curate enhances your site, business, and so on. and, of course curation is the preservation and management of "digital assets." who could argue with that? No one, certainly not us.

But, in the end, it's using content that someone else created along with your content. So, why not just create more of your own. Oh, yeah. Money. It's important to have high quality content, but not so important they you should actually pay for it.


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