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CodeTalk: Where Java EE Lost Its Pace, Reasons to Be Optimistic About Jakarta [Podcast]

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CodeTalk: Where Java EE Lost Its Pace, Reasons to Be Optimistic About Jakarta [Podcast]

In this episode of CodeTalk, hosts Travis Van and Travis Carlson chat with Java champion, Josh Juneau, about the future of Java EE and reasons to be optimistic about the new governance by the Eclipse Foundation.

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Thanks for tuning in to another episode of DZone's CodeTalk Podcast where you'll hear hosts Travis Van and Travis Carlson have early conversations with the creators of new developer technologies
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CodeTalk Episode 5: Where Java EE Lost Its Pace, New Reasons to Be Optimistic 

Josh Juneau is a Java champion whose blog post observations last year drew a lot of attention as they framed the stagnation of innovation in Java EE. Under the JCP process, Java EE lost its way, and the grumblings of the community have increased in key areas of stagnation (around cloud deployment, in particular).

Key Discussion Points

In this episode of DZone's CodeTalk, we synch up with Juneau to hear his take on:

  • When and why Java EE 8 progress had stalled after work had begun
  • Reasons to be optimistic about the new governance by Eclipse Foundation, who is expected this Spring to unveil its strategy for Jakarta
  • Some misconceptions about Java EE, and positive breakthroughs in Java EE 8
  • Key technology areas where there is growing consensus Jakarta is hoped to evolve
  • Ways that Jakarta is expected to become more "community-driven" and less of by-committee black box specs style

Want More CodeTalk?

We're still in the early stages here with the relaunch. But soon we hope to give our CodeTalk landing page a facelift and are going to house all future and past episodes in this one place. 

For now, stay tuned to DZone for weekly episodes released each Wednesday. And, if you'd like to contact the showrunners to get involved as an interviewee or just simply share your feedback, feel free to message Travis and Travis here: codetalkpodcast@gmail.com.

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