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Where Should You Open Your Next Engineering Office?

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Where Should You Open Your Next Engineering Office?

Singapore, Poland, and Taiwan are among the top three places to expand your software team in the coming years due to untapped talent.

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Regardless of where you stand on H1-B immigration policies, companies need to plan ahead for global engineering growth. 

HackerRank just completed an interesting research project in which they explored where companies should consider expanding their IT teams.

Included is an Interactive Engineering Team Growth Map for CXOs.

This research was based on the fact that for half a century, Silicon Valley has dwarfed nearly every other place in tech innovation. Consider:

  • Venture investment in Silicon Valley is 21.5X the national average.

  • The average US metro has 4,000 active start-ups. Silicon Valley: 14,000.

What is it about Silicon Valley that makes it an innovation hub? One pillar upon which Silicon Valley stands is its immigrants. Last year, 37 percent of Silicon Valley’s population was immigrants. And that’s just the general public. When you focus on people between the ages of 25 to 44 who have “Computer and Mathematical” jobs, the percentage skyrockets to 74 percent.

But even Silicon Valley is so desperate for talent, it’s a breeding ground for poaching wars.

Today the Trump Administration is aiming to tighten the belt on immigration. Regardless of where you stand on these policies, companies need to plan ahead for global engineering growth.

This study looks at which countries are best positioned to gain from tighter U.S. borders and stricter H1-B Visa policies.

So, Where Should You Expand Your Engineering Teams?

Most would assume it’s India. It’s gained a reputation as the IT capital of the world because of its massive IT population and this notion has even seeped its way into American pop culture.

However, a deeper analysis tells a different story. HackerRank dug into nine factors related to:

  1. Communication.

  2. Corruption perception.

  3.  Competition for talent from other tech companies.

  4. Taxes.

  5. Average Salary.

  6. Rent.

  7. Internet speed.

  8. STEM grads.

  9. Skill.

Skill level and corruption carried the most weight in our rankings to best identify places for enterprises to build distributed teams.

Key findings:

  1. Singapore has the lowest taxes, fastest internet, and exceptional talent.

  2. Eastern Europe is an untapped talent hub.

  3. The Philippines have low-cost, low-skilled talent.

  4. Finland, Ireland, and the Netherlands outrank UK, Germany, and France in Western Europe.

Where is your company considering expanding its IT operations?

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