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Which Company is Best at Java?

What company is best at Java? Sun may have invented Java, but they might not be the best at using it.

OK, so we all know that Sun invented Java, but the inventor of something isn't necessarily the best in the world at using it. I mean, seriously, do you really believe Al Gore is the best in the world at using the Internet?

So, in your honest opinion, which company today is the best in the world at Java and why? Is it one of the usual suspects like Sun, IBM, and Oracle, or is there someone else like Terracotta or SpringSource who you feel more properly deserves to be considered the best in the world at Java? What companies do you feel are runners-up or deserve honorable mention?

PS - I'm pretty clear that I didn't define precisely what I mean by "best in the world at Java." Feel free to elaborate if you think it is necessary.

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