Summarizing Surveys: Python, Docker, and Big Data

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Summarizing Surveys: Python, Docker, and Big Data

Python is currently considered to be the number-one development tool in the world. This only reiterates how important big data is and will continue to be.

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With rapidly advancing technology, there are several programming languages now available to users. But it is not possible for a single user to use all the languages. So how does one choose which language is the best? Besides website research, you can seek help from fellow users and big data developers to identify which programming language can best serve your purpose. There are several skill-related surveys that take place every year to rank programming languages. Check out some such surveys below.

1. Packt's Skill Up Survey

This is one of the biggest skill-based surveys that takes place globally. This survey not only speaks about the top technological trends of the year but also about the most-wanted tech jobs and the salary expectations of these jobs. While we are still waiting for the next year’s survey, as per Packt's Skill Up Survey 2017, machine learning, big data, and cloud computing were at the top.

Almost 5,000 developers participated in this survey and gave their opinion not only on the top beneficial technological skills but also on issues in the tech world and upcoming career opportunities.

Some other points from this survey are:

  • The top three money-making skills are Splunk, Hadoop, and Kafka.

  • The best salary receivers in the tech world are C-suite-level managers.

  • Big data engineers, mid-level managers, tech leads, security engineers, and information architects are next best paid in the list.

  • The least-paid people in the tech world are game developers, hobbyists, website developers, tech support, and academicians.

2. Puppet Labs Survey

This survey discovered an astonishing fact in the technological world: big data is the number one skill that Big Data analytics company were looking for. So, professionals certified in this analytical skillset were one of the highest-paid in the business intelligence (BI) domain.

Let's consider in detail what these surveys tell us about the scope of Python, Docker, and big data in the upcoming year and get a brief description of the unique features of Python, Docker, and big data.


This is a high-end, easily accessible computer programming language with an active community, an extensive library, and varied frameworks.

Why do you think Python was so popular among the participants? It was because:

  • It is important programming knowledge to have in the tech world, and developers with knowledge of Python earn more money.

  • Python is incredibly fast and enables the maximum amount of automation, so it's preferred by organizations.


This is an open-source platform for developers and system administrators with customized container systems, increased security, an open framework, and portability.

The prime reason why learning Docker is getting even more important is its ability to customize containerization.

Big Data

This is a BI tool that can transform a large amount of structured and unstructured data into useful information for day-to-day business. What are some of the unique features of big data?

  • Derives results not only from text but also from images, audio, and video.

  • Observe and track what happens

  • Real-time analysis

Are the Surveys Reliable?

Now, this is an important question. How much should you rely on surveys before making your choice? Well, the surveys are fairly reliable, as they use data from thousands of developers from around the world.

For example, the sysadmin and security salary and skills survey covered eleven industries and varied respondents with different levels of job experience. These surveys provide a rare perspective.

Some Speculations for 2018

  • What is big data going to look like in 2018? It is believed that Python will find tough competition with R in the upcoming year to be the preferred language for data scientists.

  • Big data is going to gain more importance — not just as a data provider but as an application to provide new business models.

  • Docker containers will be put to more use in enterprises.

In a gist, Python is currently considered to be the number-one development tool in the world. If you are a learner, go for Docker. If you're a profit seeker, resort to the analytical power of big data.

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