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Which JS Framework Are You *Most* Interested in Right Now?

Pick between Angular, React, Ember, Meteor, and Backbone and let's see what the DZone community thinks about today's selection of JavaScript frameworks.

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Last week we took a break from JavaScript framework questions to ask about TypeScript usage in the wake of the TypeScript 1.5 release.

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It looks like TypeScript still needs more time to gather adopters. Languages and supersets of languages always take a lot longer to become widely adopted than libraries and frameworks. Take for example, the JavaScript front-end and platform frameworks. React has rocketed to popularity recently, but so did SproutCore for a while. Do you remember that one? Ember was originally forked from that framework.

So even though frameworks, and generally a lot of tools and libraries in the still-immature JavaScript/Node ecosystem, are fleeting in their popularity, I wanted to do one more overall poll on which JavaScript frameworks were most interesting to all of us at present.

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Do you wanna run a poll on DZone, leave a comment and I can put it in a poll. And of course, anyone can post articles themselves.

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