Which Mobile Development Framework Should You Use?

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Which Mobile Development Framework Should You Use?

The choice is not always easy when deciding to use a particular mobile development framework. Read on to see some options and help you decide.

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Each year people are using mobile app more and more, so it’s not surprising that mobile app development is as trendy a term as ever. We see large development companies have opened dedicated mobile departments. If the mobile development framework is used then, for the mobile app developer it becomes easy to create. By providing ready-made templates and components the frameworks can dramatically simplify both the testing and development, offering libraries for the common task and promoting code reuse and many more. The choice is not always easy when deciding to use a particular mobile and web development framework. Some of the frameworks are discussed below.


Today phone Gap is considered the best known mobile app development framework. It has established itself as the go-to option for the fast multiplatform development. It uses familiar web development languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript which makes it a popular choice among the mobile app developers. It includes the wide selection of plugins. Phone gap supports a wide range of platforms like iOS, android, windows phone amaze fire OS blackberry 10 etc. phone Gap build comes with an API which makes it easy to integrate with IDEs, build tools, shell script etc. Phone Gap is being used in various live streaming websites & apps. Additionally, Phone Gap share plugins are also available for facebook, twitter and other social media marketing and SEO benefits


It provides a solid basis for your hybrid apps HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and addresses many quirks of HTML5 development right out of the box. To create the high-quality app it gives the software engineers a great architecture just like bootstrap does in the area of website designing. Trying hard to address the common worry about the hybrid app, it places the emphasis on the performance and the speed. It focuses on creating the hybrid mobile apps which further helps the hybrid mobile app developers. Availability of complimentary services is the noteworthy thing about ionic.


Mobile app developer with a more flexible budget specially chooses this Xamarin framework. It provides the free download with limited features; past version is where it shines. Xamarin works for the developers which are familiar with the C# programming language because it’s what the framework uses to be compiled into native android windows phone or iOS code.


It is up and coming HTML5 based framework which combines the power of bootstrap 3 and angular JS to develop highly interactive mobile app. Some of the features that this framework has are: default controls are beautifully styled to accurately mimic the native look and feel. It is very easy to go fully responsive from mobile to desktop. It also offers essential mobile components missing from bootstrap 3. No heavy dependencies like JQuery or bootstrap JS.

If you are a seasoned mobile app developer and wants to be the hybrid mobile app developer there are many frameworks and tools out there to choose from. Some are old and trusted like phone Gap and some are new kids on the block with lots of promises like ionic. Future is of mobile digitalization everywhere in your pocket, the advent of separate but equal cross platform mobile app development is here which allows developers to make their mark. These frameworks help to take you to the next level.

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