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Which public methods are NOT marked with @Transactional? Use a regex.

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Which public methods are NOT marked with @Transactional? Use a regex.

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Yesterday we were doing some code cleaning for a near to deploy project. There we realized that there were some methods which should be @Transactional but they weren't... How to know which ones in a whole project, without checking class by class? Thanks the Gods I had Rafael Darder, our Python guru (I my self am not a regexp connaiseur), next to me and pointed me to the right direction.

Anyway, this is what we came with:

(?<!\s*@Transactional\r?\n)(^\s*public +[\w\<\>\[\]]+\s+(\w+) *\([^\)]*\) *(\{?|[^;])$)

Scary, ah? then just wait when applied to your project... and go for a coffee...

Do you know a better/faster solution? I would like to know it.

Thanks for reading it. Waiting for your comments.

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