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Which Skill Sets Are Most In-Demand for Tech Companies?

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Which Skill Sets Are Most In-Demand for Tech Companies?

Want to know what skills are most sought after by tech companies? Check out this great breakdown, including tips for Java devs, web devs, and software engineers.

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The technology revolution is in full swing, and the career opportunities in the tech industry are rapidly expanding at an exponential rate. The technology field is among the fastest growing job markets in this current decade. It is this rapid growth that has made it immensely difficult for individuals to keep up with the demand for technology talent, even for those who have been in the industry for years. As the industry evolves, the skill sets that are most in demand are evolving as well, making it paramount for those who are looking to establish careers in this industry to take the steps to familiarize themselves with the skill sets that are most in demand with tech companies.

Senior Software Engineers

This particular position is in high demand in a number of tech markets, and it is prevalent in almost every geographical location. One thing that makes this particular position a great choice is the fact that there is currently very little competition in this field. According to The Ladders' ranking system, the competition in this field is at the lowest level possible.

This position does require a broad knowledge of technology and an expansive skill set that includes, web services, C#, SQL, Linux, Java Script, software development and more. The advanced skill set is reasonably rewarded, with an average starting salary of $105k annually.

Java Developer

Java developers are also in very high demand, and the current competition in the market is extremely low, making it an ideal market to invade for the tech with the proper skill set, which includes html, databases, Java Script, SQL, Oracle and software development. The median salary in this particular field is $74,000 annually.

Web Developer

It is becoming increasingly clear to enterprise executives and small business owners that having a web presence is essential to their success and longevity. This exploding demand for web design has created a powerful niche in the tech industry surrounding web development. With a median salary of $73,000, and an almost non-existent competition level, becoming a web developer definitely has promise over the next five years or more. The required skill set needed in this field is Databases, SQL, C, C#, HTML and Java Script.

Product Manager

While this particular position has a high competition level, it offers a salary above $100K, and it has the potential for longevity. This is definitely a field in which aptitude will be immensely valuable to any job candidate. For the person who is looking to pursue a job in this field, it is important to have a skill set that includes life cycle, product marketing, marketing research and Budgeting. While the product manager will not necessarily be using technical skills, they will need to have a strong understanding of the hottest skills in play, such as SQL, databases, html, C#, Java script and PHP in order to be able to sell the products.

Aptitude & Adaptability Transcend Specific Skill Sets

Although there are specific skill sets that are immensely hot at the current moment, experience has revealed that the needs for skill sets will evolve, making a high aptitude in the field of technology more valuable than any one specific skill set. Due to the fact that tech companies are aware that the skills in demand this year will probably not be as hot the following year, they invest a significant amount of effort into finding the tech who has an exceptional apprehension of the technology world, while possessing the flexibility to transition into different skill sets as needed.

Experience not Key

While experience does not necessarily hurt a person's chance to be heard, the lack of experience will not necessarily work against those young techs who display a strong aptitude in the areas of broad technology and the ability to achieve a high level of quality in the area in which they are applying. When surveying those who are successfully engaging the opportunities that are currently available, there are some who have had 25-year careers in technology, while there are others who are embarking on their first year in the industry. The key elements that tech companies are looking for is skillset, aptitude and performance.

The ability to demonstrate skill capacity will have a massive impact on increasing the chance of being hired. The good news is that this expansion in career opportunities in the tech industry does not appear to be slowing down any time soon.

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