Which Tests Should You Include in Your Automation Suite

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Which Tests Should You Include in Your Automation Suite

Feeling a little testy? Sometimes it pays to automate it, but which tests should get the automated treatment?

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When developing a mobile or desktop test automation plan, organizations often struggle with a seemingly simple question: which tests should I actually automate

Proper test automation is a must these days for DevTest teams that want to sonsistently releasing high-quality apps. However, automating every test scenario is not feasible and not even necessary. 

In the table below, we can see examples of test cases with various parameters. Each contains a Yes/No recommendation on whether to automate it or not. 

As shown in the table — and as a general rule for both mobile and web testing — the key tests that should be added to an automation suite (from an ROI and time-to-market perspective) are tests that:

  • Are required to be executed against various data sets
  • Should run against multiple environments (devices, browsers, locations)
  • Include complex test scenarios that are time consuming and error prone when done manually
  • Are tedious and repetitive enough that they're better off being automated
  • Depend on various aspects such as other tests and other environments

AutomationTestingThe bottom line: Automation is key in today's digital world, but doing it right can shorten time to market, and save you from wasting time and resources chasing unimportant defects coming from irrelevant tests. 

Happy Testing!

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