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White Paper : App Execution with Managed Dependency

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White Paper : App Execution with Managed Dependency

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In smart phones and tablets the number of Apps installed could vary from user to user. One study puts the average number to be as high as 95[1]. The average size of an App is 23MB[2] and average Apps installed per user is around 8.8 per month[3]. Higher number of apps means the number of app updates an average user receives is also higher. Apps whose update frequency are higher tend get better ratings as per a study[12]. Hence publishers push more updates frequency but to Apps whose size is larger due to their complexity face a challenge, as it also impacts the user. Due to lack of time or data download constraints the user may not opt for the App update.

The current process of app publishing and updates are inefficient in the terms that the entire apps are bundled together. Even a very small bug fix involving a single line of source code change would mean the entire app has to be updated. This paper tries to address this problem and also suggest more features by externalizing the app dependencies thus making the app updates smaller, improve security by force updating vulnerable dependencies and make the app execution engine much more efficient.


Read rest of the Paper here : app-execution-with-managed-dependency


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