Who Broke The Build?? A Look at Continuous Integration and Build Servers [Video]

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Who Broke The Build?? A Look at Continuous Integration and Build Servers [Video]

In this episode of Breaking the Build, hosts Jane and Joe take a look at what it means to break the build and how continuous integration plays a role.

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Every day, emails go out to development teams around the world, letting teams know that someone has broken the build.

But what does it mean to "Break the Build"?

We have special hosts "Joe" and "Jane" back in Episode 07 of "Breaking the Build" to talk about what it means to "Break the Build." They also get to talk to several developers to have them tell their own stories of breaking the build. It's a fun episode that you don't want to miss!

To understand what "Breaking the Build" means, we need to talk about what continuous integration and build servers are and what role they play in development teams and projects. Continuous integration is the process of integrating the code from the different developers on the team automatically and checking it to see if the developers' code meets the standards set by the team by running unit tests and checking it for linting issues. These build servers can be an on-premise solution or a cloud solution depending on the team, the project, and the code. There are a lot of common continuous integration build server tools such as Jenkins, Microsoft VSTS, Microsoft Azure Workflow, GitHub Actions and Workflows, and many more.

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The build server will often send out an email to the entire team when a developer commits and pushes code to the build server that "breaks the build." Almost every developer has their stories of breaking the build (some quite embarrassing...). But it is important to remember that EVERYONE breaks the build, junior or senior. It is important to own up to anything that you might have accidentally coded and find a solution for it quickly to fix the build.

Check out this episode of Breaking the Build and hear some of the stories that developers have about breaking the build!

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