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Who Came to Eclipse Summit Europe?

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Eclipse Summit Europe (ESE) 2010 was a great success.  I really enjoyed meeting old and new friends in the Eclipse community.  The final attendance numbers was 467 attendees, a sell out!

Each year we ask the attendees to answer some questions so we can get an appreciation of who is attending ESE.  Below is a summary of the responses.

Countries Represented
There were 26 countries were represented at ESE.  No surprise that Germany had the highest representation with 258 attendees.   The next five countries represented were France (30), Switzerland (25), Canada (16), Bulgaria (12) and Netherlands (11).

Smartphone Usage
Thanks to the guys at itemis we were lucky enough to have a conference application for ESE.  iPhone was the most popular smart phone with 100 attendees responding and Android was a close second at 95 attendees.  Interestingly enough, 124 attendees said they did not use a smart phone.

Popular Eclipse Projects
No surprise that JDT was the most popular Eclipse project with 212 attendees responding that they use JDT.  EMF followed at 178, Equinox (165), Subversive (133), Mylyn (131), WTP (106), GEF (97), Xtext (89), PDT (85), GMF (84), eGit (79), Jetty (74) were the next most popular.  It is really nice to see the adoption of ‘new’ project list Xtext, eGit and Jetty.

Job Description
ESE is a technical conference so it is not too surprising that most of the attendees (149) responded that their role in their organization was a developer, 94 were architects and 33 development managers.

I hope everyone enjoyed ESE 2010.  Don’t forget EclipseCon 2011 is coming up in March.  The call for papers is now open.


From http://ianskerrett.wordpress.com/2010/11/07/who-came-to-eclipse-summit-europe/

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