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Who Uses ColdFusion?

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Who Uses ColdFusion?

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Those who haven't used CFML often have the perception that it is a niche language or 'training wheels' for developers to get their feet wet with programming before moving on to a 'real' language.  What they fail to realize is that CFML is used to rapidly create powerful, easily maintainable, scalable enterprise level web applications.  Who uses ColdFusion?  Well, our very own Zone Leader Rey Bango has compiled a living, growing list of CFML powered sites.  Rey says:

GotCFM.com is a site dedicated to promoting ColdFusion-related technologies. It is a site for CFML evangelism and knowledge. It is a site that will let people understand why the CF community loves this engine and why ColdFusion-centric technologies *ARE* an amazing choice for building scalable and engaging websites.

The list has 1809 sites that have been added in just under a year.  Adobe has a similar, albeit smaller list  where they state that:

 ColdFusion is in use at 75 of the Fortune 100 companies.

75 out of 100?  There's no dispute that ColdFusion/CFML is Enterprise.


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