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Who Uses Node.js in Financial Services?

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Who Uses Node.js in Financial Services?

Every company wants to be a software company, and organizations like PayPal and Capital One prove that with their adoption of Node.

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Some of the largest - and most unknown - users of Node.js in the world are in the financial services industry.

In Financial Services, there are some pretty extreme compliance requirements that companies need to meet -- and Node.js has proven flexible enough to meet these requirements.

We wanted to capture some of the most interesting cases of Node.js in the Financial Services industry.

PayPal - Node.js at Epic Scale

PayPal is currently the largest public deployment of Node.js in the world. They were an early adopter of the flexibility and speed that Node.js is able to provide and one of the first enterprises to enable their teams to use the platform.

PayPal has had a long and vibrant history with Node.js, from their KrakenJS framework to giving talks about successes and pitfalls around the platform at numerous JavaScript and Node.js events (like Node Interactive North America in 2015).

Capital One - The Node.js Powerhouse

Capital One has been investing in Node.js as a core platform tool for some time now. Over the past few years, we've seen them engaging more with the broader community and sharing some of their experiences and insights into having thousands of developers touching their Node.js tooling.

Be it having the platform as a centrally shared skillset for its developers to using it as a way to begin to challenge existing ideas and effect change, Node.js seems to have been a true driving force in digital transformation at Capital One.

Node.js in Financial Services, Across the Board

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