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Who Was at Eclipse Summit Europe?

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Each year we ask the attendees of Eclipse Summit Europe some questions about themselves.   It gives us some insight into who is actually attending the conference.   Here are some of the results.

1. Where do people live?

Not surprisingly, a lot of the ESE attendees are from Germany; in total 57% of the attendees resides in Germany but 24 other countries are represented.  In addition to Germany France, Switzerland, US, Canada, Netherlands and Austria have more than 10 attendees at ESE.

2.  Years of experience using Eclipse?

Over 60% of the ESE attendees have been using Eclipse for more than 3 years.   Not terribly surprising considering the maturity of Eclipse.

Years Experience

3. How does your company use Eclipse?

Just over half (51%) of attendees were building internal or commercial applications based on Eclipse.  From talking to people, I know lots of people are using Eclipse modeling, RCP, Equinox and other Eclipse technology for building their applications.


4. What is your role in your company?

No great surprise that the ESE attendees are very technical, 67% identified themselves as being a developer or architect.


5. What Eclipse projects are you using?

Europeans love their models and EMF is their choice of technology.  EMF was a close second to JDT as being the most popular project.   Equinox and RCP also had very strong use amongst the ESE attendees.

Project Total
JDT 171
EMF 163
Equinox 142
RCP 136
Subversive 122
Mylyn 98
GEF 82
WTP Web Tools 75
Other Modeling Projects 71
GMF 69
PDT 56
WTP Java EE Tools 47
Other Eclipse Project (please specifiy below) 35
CDT 30
EclipseLink 26
Target Management 23
SOA Tools Project 17
DTP 13
VE 10
Riena 9
Mobile Tools for Java 8

One thing I really enjoy about ESE is the people. I look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

 From http://ianskerrett.wordpress.com/


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