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Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad... Data?

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Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad... Data?

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Starting a data-intensive project is a lot like starting an oil/petroleum company (but without the environmental downside).

You may be sitting on top of an ocean of data, and you need a way to get it out of the ground, move it to all the right places, refine it, and then present it for the users to consume.

If there were a place on the internet where you could learn the tools and tactics you need for each of those stages, what would that magical place be called?

Maybe it would be the Petrol Zone…. no wait!  I mean it would be…

The Big Data/BI Zone!!!

It'll prepare you with:

  • News coverage on the latest tools and use cases in the world of Big Data and BI
  • Deep Hadoop tutorials and use cases for Dev and Ops folks
  • Handy tools and tips for data visualization
  • Open Source Business Intelligence, reporting, and data warehousing guides
  • How to's for Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Tutorials for statistical programming languages like R and Julia
  • Data Science scenarios with statistical analysis lessons
  • and more of course…

Fear massive piles of diverse, unstructured data no longer!  You can now discover, discuss, and share all of the great content currently in the Big Data/BI Zone.  Be sure to visit the homepage daily (or just bookmark the page or add the RSS) and keep up with our daily stream of relevant content.

Don't be afraid to contribute your voice as well!

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