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Why 10gen is Awesome for Offering Online Training

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Why 10gen is Awesome for Offering Online Training

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I recently discovered that 10gen, in their quest for MongoDB dominance, has made a brilliant move.  They offer free online courses, just like you would find on Coursera.org or Udacity!  I haven't yet found another open source-focused vendor that has something like this (but tell me in the comments if there are others).

I'm a huge fan of Coursera.org after taking the interactive Python programming course from Rice University.  When I saw this, it reminded me of that extremely fruitful learning experience.  10gen has 3 upcoming courses right now (sorry, but you just missed the MongoDB for Java developers course):

Providing this free and easy access to high quality training is another reason why MongoDB will flourish under 10gen and continue to top the NoSQL charts if other companies don't try to catch up.

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