Why AMP Is Ideal to Boost Your Website's Performance

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Why AMP Is Ideal to Boost Your Website's Performance

Learn the importance of AMP — Accelerated Mobile Platform — an open-source library from Google to improve your website's performance.

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When you plan to launch a website, it is necessary to have mobile versions. Google has made it mandatory, and it is also helpful in the ranking of a website.

There are a lot of reasons why a mobile-friendly website is compulsory now. Let’s have a look at some of them. The facts will make it clear why you need to consider a mobile-friendly website or a mobile version of your website at the time of launch.

  • Google’s Mobile-First Index: Google has already announced their mobile-first search index. It is a move to provide a mobile-first approach at the time of delivering the search results.  Now, websites optimized for mobile phones are shown more prominently than those which are not.
  • Mobile speed as a factor for ranking websites: Since July 2018, Google has started using mobile speed as a factor for ranking in mobile search results.
  • Increase in searches and visits from mobile: Due to the rise in the smartphone users, plenty of netizens come from mobile phones. It is not a hidden fact now that plenty of individuals like to visit websites through mobile phones. Smartphones have become portable options now to get in touch with the World Wide Web. As per BrightEdge Data on the basis of research done in 2017, 57% of all online website traffic now comes through mobile phones or tablets.

It has thus become necessary now to provide the same quality experience to the smartphone users. If it is overlooked, you will lose a lot of prospects for your website.

The significance of a mobile-friendly website is clear. You essentially need to launch a mobile website, which can be of any type, either responsive or AMP.

An AMP website is highly recommended. AMP is an open source-library launched by Google itself. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Platform, and it provides a straightforward way to create compelling and smooth web pages, which open near instantaneously. 

AMP Technology and Its Framework

AMP pages can be displayed on most browsers. In web pages with AMP counterparts, a link is usually placed to the AMP page in the source code of a standard page in an HTML tag. Web crawlers can easily discover an AMP page, which is why third parties such as search engines as well as other referring websites can select to link to the AMP version of a web page in place of the standard version.

There are three components of AMP framework, i.e., AMP HTML, AMP JavaScript, and AMP caches. AMP HTML is a standard markup with web components. Resource loading is managed by AMP JavaScript. AMP pages are served and validated by AMP caches. Google’s AMP cache delivers most of the AMP pages but there is also an option for other companies to support AMP caches.

In the past two years, AMP has faced some criticisms due to its simple approach, but it cannot be overlooked that there have been some tremendous benefits of this technology. Here are some of the benefits you get when you use AMP.

Benefits of AMP

  • Fast Loading Speed: AMP accelerates the speed of your page. Your page loads faster, which is a good thing from the standpoint of the consumer. Consumers don’t want to wait and they abdomen website if they get a little delay in the opening of a website. But, with AMP, you can get rid of the problem of slow loading. Interestingly, it also provides the fast rendering of images to the 2G or 3G mobile phone users.
  • Mobile Optimized: AMP provides highly optimized pages for mobile phones. Users get high speed and you get more online visible pages.
  • Higher Online Visibility: As already mentioned, the fast loading pages contribute in the good ranking of a website. Apart from this, Google gives preference to AMP pages. This is also a reason behind the higher online visibility of AMP pages.
  • Higher Audience Engagement: Around 47% of readers want mobile pages to be loaded in two seconds or less. There is no doubt that speed is a critical aspect of building engagement. As compared to the conventional mobile pages, AMP pages load much faster. It results in higher engagement with the demanding audience.
  • Maximize ROI: More audience also means more prospects of ad revenue. Besides, more clients also provide more business to the users, which result in more ROI.

Who Can Use AMP?

AMP can be used by different webmasters. Following are the popular ones.

  • Blogging Sites: AMP can speed up the blog posts at blogging sites. If you are already running a blog, you can convert the old blog posts also with the help of AMP.
  • Publishers: AMP is also highly popular for publishers. AMP pages are loaded near instantly, which enable the publishers to offer the fast experience to their visitors. 
  • Advertisers: AMP is supposed to be a good source for ad revenues. It is also a good platform for advertisers.
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