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Why Android?

I'm often asked why I prefer Android devices to Apple gadgets. My answer: the freedom.

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When it comes to mobile devices, strongly prefer Android. Now, before you begin hammering angrily on your keyboard, leaving comments branding me a fanboy, I’ll concede that iOS devices are excellent. Hey, I even like Windows phones. There’s no denying that the tile UI is appealing, and honestly the only fault I can find with Windows phones is a lack of apps. What keeps me stocked up with Android phones and tablets rather than iPhones and iPads? Mainly freedom.

Opting for an Android affords me greater flexibility. On the surface, there’s a wide array of physical devices to pick, ranging from budget handsets to flagship phones. Accordingly, OS options vary, from the latest (currently Marshmallow), to a few operating systems back. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with Lollipop, or even Kitkat, so going with a slightly older OS can often yield a phone with beefy specs (more RAM, internal memory, better processor, etc.) at a cheaper price than a budget or mid-range device rocking a recent OS.

However, operating systems aside, Android manufacturers seem to understand my priorities better than Apple (sorry iOS). It’s important to focus on the word priorities, because basically that’s what “device superiority” means: which device is best for you specifically. I very much value expandable storage and removable batteries, and those are two key features that iPhones lack. Unfortunately, a few Android manufacturers (I’m looking at you Samsung), dropped such functionality from their recent releases.

I’m a music junkie, and appreciate the flexibility to carry my entire collection around with me on my 128gb microsd card.  Sure, you can cop a 128gb iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S6, etc., but with my removable storage, I pop my microsd out of my LG F3 and stick it in my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. As for batteries, if my battery inevitably starts losing its charge, rather than carrying around a backpack full of powerbanks, I can simply buy a new battery. With a non-removable battery, if your battery stops holding a charge, it’s new phone time.

Ultimately, the Android vs. iOS battle comes down to what you value, and for me, it’s flexibility. I’d much prefer to drag and drop my files between my PC and phone rather than be forced to use iTunes. Not everyone is like me though, and wants to carry their entire collection of vinyl rips around (thanks Google Play Music app, and your native FLAC decoding).

What’s your preferred OS and why? Comment or give me a shout on Twitter!

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