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Why Are You Still On < Java 1.5 ?

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Why Are You Still On < Java 1.5 ?

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Although Java 1.6 offers some great new features, and Java 1.7 is on the horizon promising a whole slew more, I still see Java 1.5 as the greatest step forward from the prior versions. I won't bore you with my list of favorites, but what I am interested in knowing is if you are still on Java 1.4.x or below, why is that?

In most cases I found that migrating my code bases to 1.5+ was a codeless change and the returns were generous. The only snafus were cases where the introduction of JMX into the runtime classes created some conflicts, but workarounds were straightforward and simple. These are some of the reasons I have run into so far from colleagues admitting to still being on pre 1.5 JVMs:

  • Code base is static, application runs fine, no issues. Not interested in any change.
  • Some obscure code structures [may possibly] break with Java 1.5+.
  • Supporting applets and deployment plan/user profile requires lowest/lower common denominator of Java 1.x.
  • Target deployment platform/OS does not support or supply a Java 1.5+ JVM.

Any others ? Do you have a plan to get off that old JVM?


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