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Why Aren't there More NoSQL Managed Hosting Services?

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Why Aren't there More NoSQL Managed Hosting Services?

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Built by the engineers behind Netezza and the technology behind Amazon Redshift, AnzoGraph is a native, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) distributed Graph OLAP (GOLAP) database that executes queries more than 100x faster than other vendors.  

Although we've seen the emergence of a few NoSQL database hosting services, few of these are being marketed to the same degree (and with the same ease-of-use and cost) as those offered by Amazon AWS.  The question here is: Where are all the hosted NoSQL databases?  Perhaps it is the fact that Amazon AWS is a behemoth that potential competitors just don't see the benefit of going up against. 

 With the emergence of DynamoDB, Amazon has made it both affordable and easy to use a managed, hosted service for a NoSQL database.  In an article published in mid-January, when the service was first released, Mitch Pronschinske provided some details of the cost effectiveness of DynamoDB.  Acording to some numbers he gathered, DynamoDB offers a pay-for-what-you-use service that includes a one-month free trial for 100MB of storage, 5 writes/second and 10 reads/second.  Now, this service is certainly not the first managed service of its kind, although it is the first to autoshard based on SLA. Other services have come before and after it, as Alex Popescu has written of in the MyNoSQL blog. 

Popescu has followed the development and emergence of hosted services for NoSQL databases, and lists some of the most recent ones to emerge, although it seems like none of them can compete with Amazon Web Services.  For example, Software Projects Inc. is supposedly offering Cassandra hosting, as detailed here, although it's obvious that they are not yet advertising this on their hosting site.  There are also future hosted services on the horizon, such as the Neo4j Heroku add-on that is currently in beta testing (you can check it out here).  Hopefully, these services will form a niche market that will expand with healthy competition.  Today, an intriguing question was posed on the MyNoSQL blog:

 It’s impossible to always have the right answers to all the questions. So this time I’ll have to ask you all: why are there only some NoSQL databases present in managed hosting offers? -- Alex Popescu

The answer to this question must go beyond the simple fact that managed, hosted services for NoSQL databases are in their infancy, as there are, in fact, a few hosting services out there: MongoDB, CouchDB, and the above-mentioned Cassandra-hosted services.  And these existing services are inspiring further development in the realm of NoSQL.  Just go check out the recently-created Couchbase server (thanks to CouchDB and Membase) here.  Perhaps the answer to the question of "Where are all the hosted NoSQL services?" lies in the current LACK of competition to a service like DynamoDB that offers a cheap service, and is backed by a company as established and successful as Amazon. 

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