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Why Buy a Cloud Monitoring Tool? 2 Reasons: Time and Money

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Why Buy a Cloud Monitoring Tool? 2 Reasons: Time and Money

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Learn more about how CareerBuilder was able to resolve customer issues 5x faster by using Scalyr, the fastest log management tool on the market. 

Experts down to novices recognize the essential need for AWS infrastructure monitoring. The cloud is complex with millions of pricing, resource, and configuration choices. Choosing the optimal combination requires thoughtful planning and action.

In other words, benign neglect and wishful thinking is not the answer to controlling costs, resources, and security. For those out there who disagree, please check out these survey results (among other articles and surveys on the subject).

So, the question remains – do you do it yourself or do you pay for a tool?

Coming from CloudCheckr, I think the answer is obvious: pay the $49 and let our automated tool save you hours of time and lots of money.

However, most AWS users are, by nature, inclined to be self-sufficient and declare, “I can do it myself.”

In general, this is a good trait. However, it does have its limitations as this quick story might illustrate:

Recently, I needed to replace a tile floor in part of my basement. Although I have no
experience replacing tile, I could have probably managed the job. I could buy a book, watch a video, and buy the supplies. After some false starts (and probably a couple of weekends spent tiling), I would have my floor.


Of course, there are 2 reasons why I did not choose that option.

1. My time has value. If I chose to do the job myself, it would have taken me hours and
hours.  My hourly ‘wage’ would have been well under $5/hour (given my skills, maybe under $1…).

2. Tiling is not my specialty. It would be very egotistical to believe that my novice workmanship
would equal that of a skilled professional.

The point of the story: even if we can do something ourselves, it is not always in our best interest to do so.

Solutions such as CloudCheckr automatically identify all of your issues – cost, security, and availability. Purchasing recommendations save you money from day 1. Availability and security analysis save you valuable managerial time (while improving your AWS performance)

Yes, you could do the same analysis yourself. You may be able to make the same optimized sizing and purchasing recommendations. You may realize the same savings. You may also identify and mitigate identical availability and security issues. All of that is possible – I do not dispute it.

The only question is:  are all the man hours spent on these tasks worth more than $49? Could you spend that time building your business instead of managing your deployment?

If you think your time is valuable – you should be using an automated solution. Most of
the major players offer free test drives. Go out, try one, and start saving time on your management responsibilities and money on your operations.

Find out more about how Scalyr built a proprietary database that does not use text indexing for their log management tool.


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