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How Chatbots Are Replacing Apps in Brands

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How Chatbots Are Replacing Apps in Brands

From mobile compatibility to interactive platforms to learning capability, there are lots of reasons to start using chatbots for your business.

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Chatbots are on the verge of becoming the most useful technology in every industry. Their ability to offer assistance and create a bond with different elements or factors that determine the success of a business, including advanced relations with human beings, is simply incredible. The chatbots are increasingly being used by different brands, retaining and maintaining customer relationships and to some extent customer loyalty. Their capability has not yet been fully exploited.

Mobile Compatibility

Today, the use of mobile phones has increased and almost every individual in the world owns one. Chatbots are designed to be compatible for use through mobile phones. This means that you as the user can access a chatbot platform through your phone and access the services you need. Brands need to recognize this and use it to their advantage. They should assess the capacity and capability of the artificial intelligence platforms in relation to innovative and inventive ideas in the field. Chatbots can also be used extensively for marketing the different brands.


The development of apps and their introduction into the market was long awaited. Many brands took to designing their own applications and using them to sell their wares on a daily basis. It also ensured that the customers received real-time, factual and accurate information in regards to the products and services offered. On assessment, the costs incurred were enormously inclusive of development and maintenance. Updating the applications and the content presents further costs. Progressively, apps are becoming redundant and brands are now moving towards chatbots and other artificially intelligent platforms. In addition, creating a chatbot is rated as more efficient than developing a branded app for any business entity.

Interactive Platforms

Branding is all about creating a lasting customer relationship and loyalty. Therefore, the development of virtually interactive platforms is a necessity. Relationships are born from frequent interactions of a benefitting nature both for the customer and the business. Artificial intelligence information providers depict the increased use of smart devices by people for different purposes. The different chatbots' abilities have increased the interactions of the customer with different brands, favorite or preferred shopping locations, upcoming events, fashion advice, and other assistance factors that the customer needs.


Apart from their compatibility with different mobile or smartphone platforms, the chatbots are also highly flexible in relation to operational hours. In fact, there is no limit as to the work hours they put into the development of your brand and offering customer services. They have the ability to work for throughout, i.e. 24/7. For any business, this reduces the costs of human personnel and customer satisfaction for faster customer services offered. It is also convenient as customers have no lines or queues to wait before their inquiries are answered as experienced in the use of emails or customer telephone lines. This has increased the promotion of chatbots in entering the brand market and soon in other domains as well.

Familiarized Platforms

One main advantage in the use of chatbots rather than apps for your brand is the platforms used. Chatbots use platforms such as the Facebook Messenger, a platform that is familiar to almost everyone in the world. The seamless and flawless integration, as explained in Silvia4u, increases the convenience of using chatbots for the consumer. It ensures familiarity with the operations for the user and the business entity. In addition, you are not required to sign up afresh to link up with new and exciting brands entering the market.

Learning Capability

Chatbots are designed to identify specific traits in the users’ information to use in offering assistance. They are also programmed to communicate with the users or customers, understand queries forwarded to them, and offer appropriate answers. In the near future, the chatbots will continue to evolve and their ability to acquire the human touch associated with customer services may be achieved. This period is one that brands should take advantage of and ensure they are up-to-date and well-integrated with the chatbot's technological advancement. It will ensure value for services offered and customer experience that is delightful in all levels.


Anticipating the changes expected in any technology is one of the ways of keeping in touch with the market. It increases the possibility of developing your brand and creating a market niche, brand differentiation earlier. Chatbots technology will continue to progress and advance in many ways. Ensuring smooth customer interactions in addition to better user experiences in the brands is the precept for using chatbots. Remember, learning ahead of time and using the risk factors associated to your advantage may result in the bests results ever thought of in the chatbot world.

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