Why Cloud Computing Isn't Just for the Big Guys

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Why Cloud Computing Isn't Just for the Big Guys

Here are six reasons why you should consider moving to the cloud — even if your venture isn't the size of Google or Amazon.

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When you hear the word "cloud computing," what probably springs to mind is heavy-hitting corporations like Amazon and Google, who have the IT department and the funds to make the migration and keep the workflow going steady once they've moved.

On the contrary, cloud computing could be a small- or medium-sized business' dream, doing more than making work easier — instead revolutionizing how your work is done altogether. By evaluating what you need from the cloud and choosing the features that suit you best, you can cut through the fluff and utilize all the assets cloud computing offers, eventually joining the big leagues.

1. It's Scalable to Suit Your Business' Size

Making the move can be an expensive procedure, but this disadvantage is a thin cover for all the advantages it offers. The cloud's scalability allows you to purchase just as much hardware capacity you need at the time and rent a plan that suits your size, with the ability to upgrade later without the cost of additional equipment and hardware. Its flexibility also means it can adjust to your needs at any given time. By using the remote server, if your website, for instance, experiences more traffic at a certain time, you can rent that additional computing power to handle the load and then downgrade it when the wave has ceased, saving yourself the effort of upgrading your hardware personally or accepting crashes during an influx.

2. Remote Work and Faster Sharing Made Possible

The cloud offers small companies the ability to access their information and data anywhere and at any time. This opens new doors for saving costs by eliminating offices, reducing employee work hours by creating a more focused and flexible work schedule, and even boosting productivity, because, let's face it — people work better in an environment they can tailor themselves versus a foreign arena they're forced to commute to. On top of this, you now have the ability to work with employees from around the world without delay in sharing, collaborating, or communicating — instead creating a digital office accessible at any time, so long as you have Internet access.

3. Data Made Safer

Hackers are a real danger, and don't think that having your own hardware will make you safe. By staying local, you're relying on only the expertise of yourself or your IT department — if you can even afford one. The cloud has made huge leaps in security, with heavy hitting companies such as Apple, Google, and Amazon throwing their hat into the ring to ensure their data is kept safe, as well as yours. This means you're benefiting from the highest level of encryption to keep hackers at bay from your information.

4. Work Made More Efficient

On top of eliminating the cost of an office, by migrating to the cloud or using a converged infrastructure vendor, you’re also saving your business the cost of hardware, equipment, and the experts to manage it, let alone the power costs required and the regular updates needed to keep you neck and neck with the advancing competition. As a completely mobile platform, you can save yourself space should you need an office, and devote these areas to more important things.

5. The Safety of Your Data is No Longer on Your Shoulders

On top of keeping your data safe from hackers, the cloud keeps your data safe from tragedies of the natural disaster kind. With the cloud being relied upon by so many important and profitable companies, their money is also being contributed to ensure the hardware is kept safe and protected, so if an earthquake strikes, there's no need to worry about your server — it's secure in another location, allowing productivity to continue remotely as the damage is repaired locally.

6. Integration Made Simpler

By joining the cloud craze, you're opening yourself up to the expertise of the professionals who have already taken part. More companies than ever are making the move, and by existing on a platform they already use, collaboration is made easier with partners, investors, and outsourced companies. This saves you time, boosts your productivity, and saves you the money required to bridge this gap should you stay with the old-fashioned solution.

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