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Why Containers are Critical for the Best PaaS Solution

Hear from the Jelastic founder and CEO about the impact of containers on the PaaS market, container maturity, migrating legacy processes to microservices, and more.

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[This podcast was originally posted by Mike Kavis at Cloud Technology Partners where they publish a weekly podcast with some of the top thinkers and practitioners in the industry and focus on hot topics such as Containers, PaaS, DevOps, IoTs, and many others.]

Enterprise Initiatives Episode 28 with Cloud Expert

Jelastic CEO and Founder Ruslan Synytsky discussed why containers are a key component to the right PaaS solution for enterprises, stressing the importance of giving customers freedom with architecture so they do not get locked into specific technologies. They also discuss the differences between technology adoption in Europe versus the US.

Topics Covered

  • A general overview of Jelastic, production ready DevOps PaaS for 4 years with data centers in 25 countries
  • Ruslan’s background including his time at the National Space Agency of Ukraine
  • Сontainers impact on the PaaS market and how they changed the mind of PaaS creators
  • The confusion around the definition of PaaS
  • Maturity of containers technology
  • Why containers are a key component for hybrid cloud and enterprise customers
  • Cloud location and how it relates to data, tax, language, latency, certifications and security concerns for enterprise organizations
  • The mindset changes that a developer has to overcome when switching from IaaS or on-premise to PaaS
  • Old school PaaS versus container orchestration platform
  • Migration from legacy development processes to microservices and decomposition of monolithic architecture
  • Сontinuous integration and continuous delivery DevOps pipelines based on containers
  • Provisioning highly available, scalable clustered environments
  • The kind of container orchestration a company should use and how to implement it correctly
  • The future of containers and PaaS and how it helps enterprises improve DevOps processes

Listen to the Podcast

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Special Thanks to Mike

Mike Kavis has over 25 years of experience in software development and architecture. An analyst and blogger at Forbes, The Virtualization Practice, GigaOM, and DevOps.com, Mike also has his own technology blog. Mike was one of the first to review the Docker concept in its early days, so when it comes to anything related to container technology, we can assuredly confirm that Mike is an expert.

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