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Why Couchbase Over MongoDB? #SayNoToMongoDB

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Why Couchbase Over MongoDB? #SayNoToMongoDB

Do you keep struggling with MongoDB? Thought about Couchbase over MongoDB? Maybe you don't know where to start. Here's how. Why are companies switching from MongoDB to Couchbase? Here's why.

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MongoDB is one of the most popular NoSQL databases. Its easy to start with, has good documentation, works well with a few nodes. But it starts to fall apart as the number of users increase or more nodes are added.

Do you keep struggling with MongoDB? Thought about Couchbase over MongoDB? Maybe you don't know where to start.

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Why are companies switching from MongoDB to Couchbase?

  1. MongoDB is hard to scale from a single replica set to a fully sharded environment
  2. MongoDB’s performance rapidly degrades with increasing users
  3. MongoDB is significantly susceptible to data loss under failure
  4. MongoDB requires a third-party cache to help it perform
  5. When deployed in multiple geographies, MongoDB can’t perform all writes locally
  6. MongoDB lacks a mobile solution
  7. MongoDB is time-consuming to manage and maintain

Read how Couchbase avoids all of these problems in Struggling With MongoDB.

The Couchbase vs MongoDB Architectural Differences and Their Impact whitepaper provides more details.

Talk to a Couchbase Solutions Engineer and learn if/how Couchbase can yield better results for your non-performing MongoDB.

Some more useful references:

Viber replaced MongoDB with 50% fewer Couchbase servers. AT&T, Comcast, eBay, GE, LinkedIn, Marriott, PayPal, Tesco, Verizon, VISA, Wells Fargo and many others are using Couchbase.

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