Why Every Small Business Needs to Invest in their Website's UX

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Why Every Small Business Needs to Invest in their Website's UX

While startups may not have the same budget as a large corporation, there is still plenty that can be done with good UX design.

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One of the largest disadvantages that small businesses or startup companies have in comparison with famous brands and companies with billions of dollars in assets is their marketing budget. It’s not an everyday situation to see a loved celebrity speaking in public about a new brand or recently-started website. On the other hand, large companies spend mountains of cash in keeping up their brand appearance, thus maintaining their pool of customers and improving their market position. Small companies have to fight for each potential customer, and one of the most potent weapons in their arsenal is UX (User Experience).

What Makes Website’s UX Important?

The interaction between a customer and the product or service that a specific brand is selling starts with the name of the product. The moment we hear a certain name is the moment we start creating an image in our heads. Later in the process, UX depends on a product’s design, purpose, usability, customer service, etc. Even after the customer is done with a product or service, the user experience is influenced by reusability or storage conditions, in case of physical products. However, in order to sell a product, companies should do their best to engage the customer and raise interest in their brand through intelligent website UX. This includes paying attention to both graphics and the code, because each have their respective influence on overall user experience.

All About the First Impressions

Internet users are turning their attention to mobile devices, leaving desktop devices as an alternative means of online communication. This means that while designing a webpage, we need to think outside the desktop realm and embrace adaptive web design, which enables better usability and fast load times on all available platforms. By enabling users to reach their websites on various devices without a notable difference in load time and ease of use, companies will keep visitors online and have a greater chance to have people back another time. It’s a basic strategy to turn leads into prospects just by allowing them to enjoy their visit to the website.

Additionally, good UX design allows proper content placement, which is also an important first contact milestone. If the website is lacking information such as company contact info, it’s likely that visitors will just look for someone else. A good designer would also place a “click to dial” button just next to the phone number, which would allow users instant communication. This is important because it shows people that your company is doing their best to allow clients full comfort.

Many small businesses seek additional revenue through online marketing services such as Google Adsense or similar services. The problem starts when visitors have to fight their way through pop-up windows in order to reach your content. Most visitors would just leave the page, which is exactly what any business owner wants to avoid. This is not the only issue that pop-up ads carry, the overall search results ranking is very low for the websites with intrusive ads.

Functionality Reasons

The methods of building a website differ; there is almost the same number of ways to design a page as there are web designers out there. However, as much as there are aspects of web design that could vary or be of lesser importance, the functionality should never suffer, under any excuse. For example, if a visitor hits a webpage, there shouldn’t be a plugin necessary to install in order to make an order. The whole process should run smoothly and intuitively, allowing the visitor to make an order and explain all the requirements seamlessly, said Brian O. from Essayhilfe

If the website is complicated and makes the visitor go through unnecessary steps in order to get a certain product or service, the chances are that business is going to lose a client and a few more just through mouth-to-mouth communication. Moreover, stuffing a website with tons of features and add-ons does not mean those features will run well on all platforms. This could mean a lot of trouble in a sense where visitors won’t be able to buy online, contact the company or simply share an interesting content they found.

A functional website keeps the visitors online, allows them to use all the features, and ultimately improve the return on investments as well as overall revenue, which is the key.


The online market is very competitive these days, and it is more than difficult to stay on top and visible to consumers unless you give your best to stay noticed. User experience focused webpage design allows visitors to leave with a pleasant experience related to your brand, which increases the chance to turn those visitors into customers and promoters of your business. There are no templates, the results are not guaranteed, but the visitors pay attention and appreciate the care during their browsing venture.

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