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Why Google Should Bring Scala to Android

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Why Google Should Bring Scala to Android

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There have been quite a few discussions lately of the idea that Google ought to open Android up to something other than Java. You know, for example:

Well, from Madhukara Phatek in this recent post comes one more plea for an alternative: Scala for Android. First of all, Phatek doesn't see all of these previous alternatives as viable. About Go, for example, he says:

Though Go is getting buzz these days, its not yet ready to take over language like Java... it’s better Google embrace a open language which is well tested and mature rather than going with their own.

As was the case with some of the others, this idea comes following the announcement and adoption of Apple's Swift, and Phatek frames his argument in terms of Swift's benefits over Objective-C. Swift is to Objective-C, Phatek suggests, as Scala is to Java. Beyond that, though, Scala would make for relatively simple transition. For example, Phatek says:

  • Scala would integrate well with existing Java
  • Scala runs on JVM
  • Scala is already well-tested and production ready

However, it's still just a hope and a dream. Phatek isn't suggesting a move to Scala is likely to happen - it just seems like a good idea, both in terms of functionality and practicality.

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