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Why I Became a .Net Developer?


I’m being asked from time to time why I’ve chosen to work with .Net framework and in Microsoft world. Today I got that question again so I thought it will be nice to share the answer with my Blog readers.

In my early days when I was a computer science student I started my first steps in development world with the Java language. At the end of my first year I took a summer course in .Net in order to learn what it was all about. To tell the truth, I wasn’t impressed by the language (.Net framework 1.0 was released at that time). I kept on taking advanced Java courses like J2EE for example and deepened my Java skills and thought I won’t see C# anymore.

At the fourth semester I had a mandatory course in analyzing and building databases. As part of this course I bumped into C# and .Net for the second time. This time we had to build a simple Outlook like project in C# with a SQL Server backend. Still, I preferred Java since I was more familiar with the language and felt more comfortable programming with it. During that time I started to search for a development job and couldn’t find any (these were the years after the Dot-com bubble exploded).

At the starting of my fifth semester I found a job (at last) as a junior .Net developer in a small company that was called then Addwise (now it is called Netwise). Even though I preferred to find a job in the Java world I took the rational decision and started to work at the end as a .Net developer. I guess that if I’ve waited more time and didn’t take that job I would have been at another place in life right now. But I don’t regret the decision I made at all and I’m glad I made it. So the real answer to why I became a .Net person can be expressed only in one word – accidently :-).


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