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Why Is Data Efficiency So Important? [Video Tutorial]

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Why Is Data Efficiency So Important? [Video Tutorial]

In this blog, we’ll go deeper into why it’s so important for applications to be as data efficient as possible, and look at some techniques used to achieve these goals.

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Welcome to another blog in our tutorial series to help you get started with our realtime messaging solution, Reappt. If you haven’t seen our other videos, check them out:

  1. Check out the first blog that helps you get started with Reappt on IBM Bluemix.
  2. The second video blog shows how to add Reappt system users, create a simple publisher client and create a simple subscriber client.
  3. The third blog is all about topics: what they are, how to subscribe to topics and the different types of topics.
  4. The fourth blog is all about Reappt’s JSON and Binary topics.

In this blog, we’ll go deeper into why it’s so important for applications to be as data efficient as possible, and look at the techniques Reappt uses to achieve these goals. We’ll then show you how easy it is to add these data saving features to your applications.

Why Should Apps Be Data Efficient?

With applications consuming and generating more data than ever before, users have become frustrated when handling this data load leads to performance and usability problems.

However, more often than not, your app isn’t the cause of these performance problems – the network is. With increasing data demands, and the explosion of connected devices and mobile users networks are struggling to cope. Developers need to embrace technologies and tools that can work with unreliable networks.

Competitive edge can be won or lost over app performance and engineering your app to be as data efficient as possible ensures the network can’t slow you down.

How Does Reappt Help Data Efficiency?

If you want to learn more about Reappt’s unique data optimization mechanism to make your web, mobile and IoT apps as data efficient as possible, watch the short five minute video.

If you have any questions about getting started on IBM Bluemix, or have any questions about data efficiency, feel free to reach out to support@reappt.io.

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