Why Is It Necessary to Utilize Unstructured Data?

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Why Is It Necessary to Utilize Unstructured Data?

No matter what industry you're in, you can easily improve your methods by indexing unstructured data. Learn about the benefits of altering your unstructured data.

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Businesses consciously and unconsciously gather large amounts of data throughout a regular work day, and over time, this data can become forgotten or lost through storing. Much of the data stored in a company system is unstructured. The unstructured data that a company stores may not even be usable — but if it's lost or breached, it can destroy a company. Of the various companies that use unstructured data often, 50% of them are satisfied with accessibility and 60% feel happy with the capability of sharing data. Unstructured data management is useful for companies in a number of ways.

Examples of Unstructured Data

Some of the most common examples of unstructured data are as follows.

  • Internal collateral: Sometimes, the data that comes from internal sources such as presentations, sales collateral, videos, and marketing is also categorized as unstructured data.

  • Social media: You can get a huge amount of unstructured data on social media in the form of comments about a specific product or service. Those comments can also be mined for essential insights.

  • Customer-generated content: Apart from social media, a lot of unstructured data can also be found in terms of online comments, reviews, recorded phone calls to customer service, or emails.

Why Should We Alter Unstructured Data?

  • Enhancing customer experience: Using unstructured data, one can discover how a customer feels about their products or services. All the comments and feedback that a customer provides can really help a company to enhance their services.

  • Coming up with new ideas: If an organization is aware of unstructured data management, then it can analyze industry gaps that can then help them come up with new and innovative ideas.

  • Improving methods: No matter what industry you belong to, you can easily improve your methods by indexing unstructured data. For example, in the healthcare industry, examining a patient’s history can help you in bring appropriate changes in the treatment. Therefore, unstructured data management is essential for all kind of industries.

Having unstructured data can help companies to convert that data into essential insights. 

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