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Why it pays to keep tabs on domain names

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Why it pays to keep tabs on domain names

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It's said that our clothes maketh the man, and it's probably just the same online with the domain name we choose for our website. Getting the right one is therefore big business, with the most desirable domain names changing hands for many thousands of dollars.

You can imagine therefore the horror (or joy depending on which side of the transaction you are) when a domain goes for much less than it should do.

That was the case recently when a domain that was valued at $15,000 was sold for just $10.99 after a website error gave the buyer the domain by mistake.

Bruce Marler was the lucky recipient of the credit.club domain after he tried his luck at purchasing the domain for his Wordpress based blog.

Whilst he bought the domain fair and square, it should have cost him a few thousand dollars. Due to the website glitch however, he instead picked it up for just a handful of dollars instead.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth however, Marler quickly built his website and acquired the Twitter handle associated with the domain.

The domain name registrar admitted that the sale was made in error and over a 24 hour period there were a number of high profile domains listed for very low fees. Whilst the mistake has now been corrected, it underlines the value in keeping a keen eye on the domain name market should bargains appear.

Of course, this kind of website error is not unusual, and similar stories have appeared on sites such as Amazon when items are listed for much less than they should be.

In most instances of that nature, the sales are quickly cancelled and the seller escapes unscathed, but it's believed that Marler's opportunistic purchase will be honored by the registrar.

It does appear likely however that the domain will be back on the market before too long, with Marler announcing that he's keen to cash in on his good fortune in the near future. He revealed in a recent statement that he largely considers his purchase to be a domain investment rather than an ongoing business.


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