Why IT People Hate Their Jobs

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Why IT People Hate Their Jobs

The survey results released from AppDynamics paints a less-than-stellar picture of the outlook of IT professionals.

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Earlier this year, Cisco company AppDynamics fostered a global study polling CIOs and senior to mid Information Technology (IT) professionals over the topic of digital transformation. Their results noted the following conclusions:

  • 78% believe their corporation is not ready for digital transformation

  • 56% of technologists report a surplus of outdated technology in their IT department

  • 86% of IT professionals think their organization lags behind other IT teams in skills, qualities, and knowledge

  • 45% see themselves lagging 5+ years behind current technologies

  • 48% are currently in the mindset that their skills are overlooked, with plans to seek a new employer within the next two years

The full report can be found here and provides insight into why some IT professionals hate their jobs.

The Five Types of Technologist

The goal of the research AppDynamics presented was to identify the characteristics and environments that technologists need in order to drive effective and sustainable change for their organizations.

What emerged from the research were five distinct typologies of technologists (The Five Types of Technologist eBook). Among them are Agents of Transformation, a group of elite technologists that are already primed and equipped to harness change and be the digital business leaders that companies truly need.

The eBook is a resource that allows a technologist to better evaluate and understand their position in our industry. The goal is to help guide individuals toward a better and more rewarding career.

Agents of Transformation

AppDynamics also leveraged the analysis results to help formulate the best ways to empower Agents of Transformation. Use of the AppDynamics Real-Time Application and Business Intelligence platform is intended to ensure that applications always perform, and that decisions around technology and the software delivery lifecycle are always based on the right factual and contextual insights.

The digital transformation strategy from AppDynamics builds upon the corporation’s expertise in the application monitoring space — which placed them as the clear leader in the March 2018 Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring Suites from Gartner.

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The Business iQ capability within the App iQ platform can support IT leaders in becoming Agents of Transformation.


As global IT continues to embrace foundational digital transformation concepts, corporations without a plan or strategy will find themselves chasing the industry and will be at a disadvantage to any competitors. Currently, only 9% of technologists are in a role that is focused on digital transformation. This percentage is expected to rise rapidly as corporations continue to evolve their digital transformation efforts.

Cisco's AppDynamics entity, a leader in the application performance monitoring space, provides a platform to assist corporations with their digital transformation journey. One that is certainly worth reviewing to see how the product suite lines up with your current needs.

Have a really great day!

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